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Famous Chinese Formula (6): HernEase (Wuhui Yushan)

This formula may very well save you from a painful and costly operation.

It is indeed amzing that outside East and SE Asia not many people really know that for centuries the Chinese have been using a non invasive herb formula for hernia and few people go for a very costly and painful operation.


Hernia troubles many people and among them, according to American Medical Association, 5 million Americans suffer from abdominal hernia. Since conventional medical practice for this problem is an operation or brace support, few people are aware that generally speaking the first choice in the Orient, especially China and its surrounding countries, is a non-invasive herbal remedy. HernEase (Wuhui Yushan), a formula went back to the Song Dynasty ( 960-1279 AD) of China and is researched upon and manufactured under the supervision by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one such remedy. Chinese doctors apply this formula to “activate the Qi and soothe the liver, dispel cold and stop the pain,” and relieve hernia related symptoms and discomfort.

Hernia is a medical condition that refers to the protrusion of an organ through a weak area in the muscles or tissue that surround and contain it.

Types of Hernia:

  • Hiatal or hiatus hernia is also called diaphragmatic hernia, resulting from the protrusion of part of the stomach throught the diaphragm;

  • Diverticulum is a herniation through the muscular wall of a tubular organ (especially the colon);

  • Eventration is protrusion of the intestine through the abdominal wall;

  • Exomphalos is an umbilical hernia at birth in which some abdominal organs push into the umbilical cord;

  • Colpocele or vaginocele is a hernia projection (instestine or urinary bladder) into the vagina;

  • Omphalocele or unbilical hernia is the protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navel, a condition usually self correcting after birth;

  • Inguinal hernia is when a loop of intestine enters the inguinal canal, the most common hernia in males.

But most commonly, the word hernia is used to refer to an abdominal hernia in which an organ or fatty tissue pushes the inner lining of the abdominal wall through a weak area in the abdominal muscles causing an outpouching of the abdominal wall. This can be very painful and when the intestine outpouches too much and a section may get strangulated. The blood supply is then cut off and the part of intestine may die.

Hernia as a Condition in TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine considers hernia as a pathogenic state of the related organs that are not vigorous and strong enough. As they become flabby they fall down to the cavity below, or break through a diaphragm, muscles or walls which used to support or partition them, or the diaphragm , muscle walls are flabby, or both. The cause of hernia is complicated. Often it has to do with long term emotional distress, general weakness, cold, dampness, stagnation of Qi and blood accumulation and other factors, including weight lifting, over exercise, previous incisions, etc, these organs are subject to. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is a cold symptom and must be addressed with hot or warm herbs to move the Qi, invigorate blood circulation and to disperse cold and stagnation. The liver holds the key to the cure of the condition. And herbs used would work through the liver to regulate the related organs, and the mechanism is “to warm the liver and disperse cold” in TCM.

HernEase as a traditional Chinese remedy for hernia, is effective for hernias except hiatus hernia. It works best for hernia at early stage. There are no side-effects.


It is a modified formula of the formula Tiantai Lindera Powder recorded in Shengji zonglu a handbook for herbal doctors with addition of evodia and citrus seed and exclusion of croton (a strong purgative) Thus it is comprised of the extracts of lindera, costus root, fennel seed, blue citrus peel, areca nut,Chinaberry, evodia, and citrus seed

Principle of Formulation

The formula is a typical one in the category of Qi supplementation for cold and stagnation type. Qi here means the status of vital life force of the body organs, and in this case it may include the stomach, intestine, abdominal wall and related tissues, diaphragms, etc, and the liver.

It is interesting to analyze the herbs used in the formula. The principal herb is lindera. It is considered a strong Qi mover, blood circulator and painkiller, dispersing cold and accumulation (such as abnormal growth and stasis), warm the kidney, strengthening the stomach and instestines. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is mainly used for hernia, apoplexy, accumulation of phlem, chest and abdominal distention and pain, regurgitation and urinary frequency, etc.

Lindera is supported by costus(Aucklandia) root, fennel seed, blue citrus peel, evodia and citrus seed which are all characterized as pungent, warm and aromatic. Costus root promotes Qi circulation, relieves distention, controls pain, normalizes and harmonizes the stomach. Fennel works on the liver, spleen, kidney and the stomach and is used in Chinese medicine for abdominal distention and pain, and hernia. Blue citrus peel soothes the liver, and regulate the Qi, disperse accumulation, etc and is used in Chinese medicine for chest and epigastric pain, hernia, etc. Evodia is pungent and bitter in flavor and hot in nature and works on the liver, stomach, spleen and kidney and is used to dispel cold, regulate the Qi, and control pain. It is mainly applied for cold pain in the abdominal area, especially inguinal hernia dropping to the scrotum, etc. Citrus seed regulates Qi, disintegrates accumulation, soothes pain and is commonly used for testicular edema and asthenic-chilling hernia.

Areca nut and chinaberry are considered auxiliary herbs. While areca nut is used for swelling and distention in the abdomen by regulating the Qi and expel accumulation, Chinaberry is used to regulate Qi and control pain including abdominal and hernia pain. Generally speaking Chinaberry is considered very cold and therefore is commonly used for hot symptoms (hernia is classified as cold symptom), its “coldness” is counter balanced by the “very hot” evodia.

How Does It Work?

These vital energy building and regulating and pain controlling herbs works together to (1) achieve healthy vitality of the related organs, correcting their weak and flabby state and make them stay in their proper places and function normally; (2) strengthen the partitions including diaphragms, abdominal wall, related muscles and tissues; (3) dispel pathogenic factors such as cold and dampness and normalize the functions of the related organs; (4)repair strain-caused injuries and (5)soothe the pain.


Such a formulation has been proven very effective for Qi (vital energy, you may understand it as biological vitality or quality here) building, stomach and intestine nurturing, distention relieving, abdominal discomfort soothing, diaphragm strengthening, internal organ dislocation correcting, and blood circulation promoting, to maintain healthy relationship among body organs and their proper functions.

Beside hernias, this formula is also good for orchitis (testicular inflammation, epididymitis, gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal spasm, menstruation pains, etc.

Direction for Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3 to 5 capsules 3 times daily, young people under 12 should take reduced dosage, half for instance. Store in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children.

Suggested Use: Generally you will feel the result in a week or so, while some may even sooner. If you have taken 3 bottles and still do not feel anything, it may not work for you. If it does, you might like to take a few more bottles to consolidate the result.

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