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Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Inc. participates in many health product shows with handsome promotional discounts. Retailer and distributors are welcome to visit us there. Following are the recent shows. So please get ready to enjoy some fun with us and take adventage of the promotional deals there!

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Introducing our SeabuckWonders line of
USDA Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil and skin care products!

Available in Whole Foods, Sprouts
and your favorite health food stores.

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Dr. Oz Features White Mulberry Leaf Tea for Balancing Sugar Levels!

And Calls Mulberry Leaf the "Newest Health Food Sensation"!

On Monday, September 30th, Dr. Oz revealed the next big thing for your health: Mulberry leaves! Deemed the “newest health food sensation”, Dr. Oz claimed Mulberry leaves help you better digest sugar.

On the show, Dr. Oz recommended drinking the Sugar Controller tea with White Mulberry Leaf for healthy processing of sugar. When you consume sugar it is absorbed into your blood stream and consequently the body. Dr. Oz demonstrated that eating sugar with Mulberry leaves redirects the sugar away from your blood stream and instead it is excreted. This is fantastic news for anybody with an overindulgent sweet tooth. Dr. Oz recommends drinking Mulberry leaf tea with meals to help combat occasional mealtime indulgence.

Health King Sugar Controller Herb Tea has been around since 1994 and is THE premier medicinal tea BASED on the white mulberry leaf! We’re available in most health food stores across the country and are IN STOCK!

Chinese herbalists recommend Mulberry leaf tea to support healthy sugar levels which is exactly what Health King Sugar Controller Herb Tea is – a traditional Chinese medicinal tea with Mulberry leaf. Research suggests Mulberry leaf tea may be helpful in promoting healthy blood sugar and support weight management due to a substance called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) that inhibits some of the stomach enzymes responsible for processing fats and sugars.

At Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Inc. you will find the most authentic traditional Chinese herbal remedies and the finest medicinal teas, green teas and jasmine green teas.

  • Balanceuticals Brand Traditional Chinese formulas from the source;
  • Whole line of Health King Brand medicinal teas for different health concerns;
  • Green teas and jasmine green teas directly from the Garden;
  • Unique formulas and products by various manufacturers
  • Herb Information
  • Industrial supply:
  • Seabuckthorn seed oil;
  • Natural Health Tours to China, and
  • Consulting service to health food industries which intend to import dietary supplements to the US.

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The book BioDefense written by Dr. Arthur Fierro, President of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and formulator of BioDefender is published. If you can not order from your local book store or health food stores, you may order from Health King Enterprise & Balanceuticals Group, Inc. by calling toll free 1-888-838-8938.